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Thoughts About Salvation: God of the Covenant

I’d be willing to bet that Genesis 15 is a portion of the Bible that’s not in any children’s felt sets, and with good reason. To most people, much of what they read in this chapter seems strange and foreign to modern readers. It…

April 21, 2016

Ryan Bell and Charlie Hebdo: God on Trial, pt 1

So we’re a few days into 2015 and for some, it’s been a good year so far.  However, in my opinion, God has started off this New Year pretty rough.  Late last month, a former Seventh-day Adventist pastor, Ryan Bell finished an experiment where…

January 17, 2015

Karma, Hula Pie, and the Gift of a Lifetime

This week’s blog is a short reflection based on a feel good video that I saw last week.  I’m also letting my left hand recuperate a bit from my run-in with that Deacon this past Sabbath (check my Facebook page for more details on…

April 21, 2014