EC3 Podcast Season 2 | Episode 1: Dr. Carlton Byrd

January 17, 2017

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Season 2 is here and none other than Dr. Carlton Byrd (Speaker-Director for Breath of Life Ministries and Senior Pastor of the Oakwood Seventh-day Adventist Church) is joining me to kick off this episode. We spent a few great minutes in conversation about evangelism and its future in the church. Here are a few highlights from this episode:

  • There must be a genuine, intentional effort for us to identify the mission of the church.
  • We must not confuse the mission of the church with the methods that we use to reach others.
  • Many of the problems that happen in the church tend to happen from the insolation of context.
  • Tradition: the living faith of the dead; Traditionalism: the dead faith of the living.
  • You don’t have to pastor the largest church to be effective in evangelism.
  • Remember God blesses people, not places. Faithfulness is key.


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