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Church Governance, Education and Mission: The North American Division Needs Your Opinion!

February 4, 2015

This morning, a friend of mine at the NAD shared with me a very fascinating link that is important for all Seventh-day Adventist members and church leaders to be aware of. A few months ago, the following website was put online:

What is this site you might ask? Well, in response to some meetings that were held in May 2014, the North American Division decided to create a website to receive feedback from church members in regards to how we can improve or even restructure three areas within our church: Church Governance, Education, and Mission. As the purpose states on their website:

The Secretariat department of the North American Division has created this website in an effort to provide a place for church members to share their personal opinions on how we as a Division can change for the better. .

The submissions they receive will be reviewed, posted online, and brought to the respective committees. You may ask, “Why should I even be a part of this?”

Well, simply put, your opinion matters! Once your opinion is in, it will help shape the direction of the committees and influence how decisions that will impact the mission of the church in North America are made.

Have an idea for how our mission could be better? Have an idea for how our schools could be more effective? Have any idea for how we can manage and organize our administrative structure better? This is the perfect venue for you to share your thoughts on the matter!

Best of all, no opinion is a dumb opinion.. Well… there are some guidelines to prevent that. They won’t tolerate trolling. These are the guidelines for submitting your suggestions: (Note, any personal contact information such as email or phone number will not be posted on this site and will be kept private.)

  1. People who decide to make a submission should keep their comments kind, courteous, and respectful. No direct or indirect personal attacks or insults of any kind will be allowed. Comments which antagonize, belittle or humiliate others will not be accepted for posting, nor will racism, sexism, bigotry or foul language.
  2. Please note that with regard to content, our site merely acts as a conduit, providing you access to the submissions. Submissions are screened before they are posted. However, we are neither holding the views or promoting the views of each submission. Therefore, if you agree or disagree with any post please refrain from referencing another person’s post within your submission.
  3. Private messages, along with other private correspondence, are not to be submitted without the permission of their original authors.
  4. Comments that are off-topic will not be posted on our website. However, they will be reviewed and potentially submitted to the appropriate committee.
  5. No sales submissions are allowed. All such submissions will be immediately deleted. Promoting surveys, contests, coupons, marketing campaigns or related activities will not be allowed.
  6. The site manager’s and the administrator’s decisions are final. If you are in doubt, please contact Secretariat at, before creating a submission. The site manager reserves the right to delete any questionable posts.

Personally speaking, I know that I plan on submitting some ideas here in the next few days. Ready to speak your mind?

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