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Ignore the Law of the Altar At Your Peril

September 5, 2016

 If you were to give any Adventist 5 seconds to answer the question: “What are the two major laws found in Exodus 20?” most would be able to correctly answer one as, “The 10 Commandments.”  Ask them, “What’s the other one?” and you’d probably get bewildered looks. I know this because I asked my churches this question and got the same reaction. I don’t hold it against them though; I responded the same way until I had a great conversation…

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Where is God In the Tragic Moments of Life?

If there’s anything that the past few week’s worth of news has taught us, it’s that the world is a very unpredictable place. However, as a new parent, the stories that have gripped me have been the ones involving children. At a zoo in…

July 1, 2016

Thoughts About Salvation: God of the Covenant

I’d be willing to bet that Genesis 15 is a portion of the Bible that’s not in any children’s felt sets, and with good reason. To most people, much of what they read in this chapter seems strange and foreign to modern readers. It…

April 21, 2016