My First Book: “Talking Over Haystacks: 25 Thoughts on Ministry, Leadership, and the Future of Adventism”

August 15, 2016
Nelson Book

I’m very excited to announce that my first book is ready for pre-order! My vision is that every church leader, pastor, and administrator in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America has a copy of this book in their office. As such, this book isn’t written for the general public or your average pew-warmer; it’s geared toward thought-leaders who are on the cutting edge of innovation and progress in our churches. To make this dream a reality, I’ve intentionally set…

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Where is God In the Tragic Moments of Life?

If there’s anything that the past few week’s worth of news has taught us, it’s that the world is a very unpredictable place. However, as a new parent, the stories that have gripped me have been the ones involving children. At a zoo in…

July 1, 2016
Church Leadership

What Happens When You Lie About Your Education in Adventism?

“Spotlight” is an Academy Award-winning movie that every church leader should watch. The movie is a dramatized account of the real-life investigation of the Boston Globe spotlight team as they exposed a massive child molestation and cover-up scandal within their local Catholic Archdiocese. Without…

May 31, 2016